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rugged technology

We'll keep your computers, tablets, phones, and network running smoothly and take some of the pain out of staring at glowing rectangles all day long. Call today and we'll bring you cookies.


How Much Does That Cost?

we fix all sorts of things like this and more

windows & macs

wired & wireless internet

office 365 dropbox salesforce

websites and printers or postage machines

technology that works and free cookies?

we are reliable

Your friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s husband will probably get back to you in a few days, and will likely fix your problem. If you don’t want to wait for him to call you on Saturday morning when he’s not at work, give us a call, we’re ready to help.

25 years of experience

We’ve spent so much time untangling network cables, fixing printers, setting up software, and figuring out where files went we’ve gotten really good at it. All this experience makes us pretty efficient. The glowing rectangles are our friends.

quick and trustworthy

Before the movie Hackers was made computers were our toys. You can trust that we’ll keep your information safe and won’t sell it to the highest bidder (we won’t) – we’re not old, we prefer to be called mature. That also means we keep your best interests first. Call us today and find out how!

computer help for normal people

Big computer companies want you to spend a lot of money on technology so they don’t have to help you very much. They like bigger profit margins. That’s not us. We’re small. We don’t sell computers, we are your nerdy friends who help you make great decisions. We won’t advise you to keep an 8 year old laptop running, that’s not smart business, but we will help you find a great deal on one that will work for the next few years.

cost effective

A dentist is cost effective because he knows teeth and spent years learning about them. We’re cost effective because we’re like a computer dentist. Maybe a little different because cookies can rot your teeth. We’ll make sure you don’t spend for a root canal when what you need is a cleaning. Use your money wisely.


We like when we fix something and it stays fixed. Technology has a funny way of breaking over and over again, especially when you don’t get in there and fix all the broken stuff. We don’t like emergencies any more than you do. We’ll make sure to figure out what caused your stuff to break in the first place and fix that too.


We may not be distantly related to someone you sort of know and somewhat avoid at family gatherings, but we are pretty fun. If you wouldn’t let a basement-dwelling-gamer-troll talk to your customers you should check us out. We’re nerds who love people and making technology work, we even enjoy conversations!


We’ll meet with you for FREE to discuss your needs, and bring those delicious cookies to the meeting. If we’re a good fit, you can find our pricing below!

Technology equipment is akin to tires for your business, they need to be rotated, have the air checked, and replaced now and again.
We make it cost-effective to keep your business rolling with the best traction possible.

the best in colorado

That’s a pretty bold claim, but we’ll stick to it. We can be on-site in under an hour in the Denver metro area, and we’ll even come to you in the mountains or on the plains. Most of the time we’ll connect to your machine remotely if you need help right away. It’s magic.

We’ll go head to head with any other computer helpers in Colorado and guarantee we’re faster and better at what we do. We use real intelligence (cultivated over centuries) along with artificial intelligence (basically a baby good at finding things to chew on) to fix your broken technology. Let’s talk about how we can make your technology life better.

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equipment recommendations and other stuff

plantronics cs55 wireless headset

If you're looking for the perfect wireless headset with lots of volume and a great range, get this one! The Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset has a great battery life and works wonders! Ask us how we can help you get all of your users up and running with new tech gear...

sonicwall tz300

Every business needs protection from the wild internet. You may not know it, but nearly every point on the internet is attacked multiple times every day. These attacks are not individual hackers at a computer, doing everything they can to access your systems. These...