Every business needs protection from the wild internet. You may not know it, but nearly every point on the internet is attacked multiple times every day. These attacks are not individual hackers at a computer, doing everything they can to access your systems. These are large farms of computers, running extensive programs that systematically probe defenses. They never rest and neither should you.

The Sonicwall tz300 is the perfect fit for the small and medium sized business segment. I recommend this firewall for 10-50 employee companies who need vigilant protection to ensure their systems are up and running every day.

With 5 gigabit ports and 750Mbps of inspection speed, this device can handle the day to day needs of most mid-sized businesses with ease. With Sonicwall’s Capture Advanced Threat Protection it becomes a formidable opponent to any attack. Protect your business and your digital assets with the TZ300 and you’ll be happy you did!