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having your website on the first search engine results page is priceless! 

 Imagine searching for your business online and seeing your site in the top of the results. Since 1995, before Google existed, we’ve been building websites. We know all the secrets to ranking in search engines and getting found by customers online. Let us show you how to outpace the competition!

There are so many complex factors that search engines like Google use to show your website to potential visitors. We can make your site more attractive to potential buyers by making sure the basics are taken care of! You need a speedy website in order to rank in search engines. Slow and buggy sites never show up on the first page of Google.

Do you know if your site is infected with viruses or malware? How would your potential customers feel if they came to your site and got an infection. Yikes! We can protect you from hackers and nefarious organizations with a website firewall that locks them out. Every search engine prefers to show websites that take security seriously.

What happens if your website isn’t working for you? You miss out on customers. We make sure it’s always available with 24/7/365 uptime monitoring and weekly backups. Even if your web hosting goes down, we keep a copy of your website in the cloud, so you’ll never lose your content and rank in search!

Protect your WordPress website from unexpected outages with our website maintenance service, keeping your site running fast, secure and smooth for every new visitor!

When you have a problem you can call a live person to fix it, and we’ll get on it right away! Nobody else provides the same level of service, we guarantee it.


We grew up with the internet, our first websites were among the first 2500 sites in the world. We know trends come and go and keep in front of every development, making sure your website maintenance service is as advanced as possible.


Over 200 businesses rely on our services to keep their websites running well, ranking highly, and bringing in new customers. We grow when you grow, and that’s the philosophy our business is built on. Let’s work together to crush goals.


More than 2/3 of our client’s sites rank on the first page of Google in their markets. Our website maintenance service is the first building block to search engine success. Our clients trust us to deliver leads and new ideas to move forward.

included in website maintenance

Our monthly and annual plans include these features, everything you need to make your site better than everyone else’s!

weekly cloud backups

Every week we take a snapshot of your site. This allows us to quickly restore your site due to a hacked server, hardware problem, or a really big problem that you absolutely didn’t accidentally cause. We won’t judge you!


weekly security scanning

In addition to an active firewall plugin installed on your site, we’re going to scan your site every single week. A human will review the results and make sure there’s nothing strange going on. We’ll fix anything we find and let you know!

weekly performance scans

When attention spans are short we make sure your site performs really well. Our website maintenance includes performance enhancements, as well as weekly scans making sure it’s running as quick as it can!

24/7 uptime monitoring

Don’t get caught with your website down! Our servers will let you know nearly immediately if your site is down. Oh, and we’ll know too, and get to fixing it right away! When there are humans watching your site it keeps working.

image optimization

Whether you are a photographer with thousands of images, or a business with a choice few, you need them to be served quickly. We will optimize every image on your site and make sure new ones are as efficient as possible!


professional caching

Caching is a big word that means we’ll make sure your site doesn’t need to use server resources every time someone visits. We compress and optimize the delivery, which makes your site faster, and search engines like fast sites.

annual website maintenance add-ons

Select our annual website maintenance plan and we add these two critical features to help your site run even better!

super fast cdn

We’ll put your resources on our Content Delivery Network (CDN) so the closest server to your visitor gives them your website. Search engines love fast sites, and so do end–users. Trust us with your assets, we’ll make them scream!

database optimization

Here’s a little happiness for our annual plan – we’ll make sure your database is running as good as it possibly can. We get in there and make sure everything is running smoothly and perform monthly clean–ups to keep it that way!

100% money back guarantee

we guarantee your site will be faster and more secure.

If we can’t improve your site’s speed and security, we’ll give you your money back!

We’ll show you side by side comparisons, and give you monthly reports. We stand by our services.